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Kasbah Kosmic is an independent Brusssels based slow-fashion label. Convinced that clothing is a very serious thing,  Kasbah Kosmic dont want to be just a brand but really encouraging the authentic expression of cultural identities and awakening people's minds to more sustainable fashion. 

Founded in 2021 by Kenza Taleb-Vandeput Kasbah Kosmic take you on a psychedelic journey through a dreamy Kasbah, where committed themes such as decolonisation are mixed with a light-hearted approach. Weaving links between the MENA regions and the West. Inspired by and playing on codes and symbols, Kenza Taleb Vandeput, the founder and artistic director of Kasbah Kosmic, wants to convey a sense of universality based on her dual culture (Belgian-Algerian). 

This universe is expressed in a wardrobe that ranges from a overprinted djellaba to a total patchwork look that proudly displays a clever mix of vintage prints, curtains and grandma's bedspreads screen-printed with the brand's monogram. From workwear to streetwear, the cuts allow you to forget gender and age. The important thing is that the garment vibrates and resonates. We're as bold as in the early days of female rap, proud of our heritage and reclaiming it through our clothes. 

The brand is currently at the MAD incubator program in Brusssels since september 2022 and has been  already  shortlisted twice for the belgian fashion award 

in the category change maker of the year in 2022 and best belgian brand in 2023. 

Kasbah kosmic has already organised a series of international pop-ups, most notably in Paris, Amsterdam, New York, London, Brussels and Antwerp. 

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