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GENESIS Pietro Barbarossa x Kasbah Kosmic 

The Genesis photo series is a collaboration with designer Kenza Taleb from Kasbah Kosmic.


Focused on a occidental/oriental possible combination, the series underlines cultural & human evolution, dreaming a place where the cultures enhance each other instead of being instrumentalized.


Kasbah Kosmic also focuses on bridging oriental & western culture. Beyond its sustainable & up cycling engagement, it questions « branding » as a process. By combining different logos together, associating them in new ways, Kenza Taleb interrogates what entitles us to brand a concept, an aesthetic or any other elements usually taken from the culture themselves - therefore belonging to humankind by essence.


In that sense, by shooting in a futuristic environment, Genesis tempts to display a context in which the clothes would be detached from any present social or marketed context, in order to emphasise a more essential meaning why we wear them. Why do we dress this or this way? How would we dress in a different in totally different context?


Though it was shot in a brutalist construction for its “futuristic”contribution, the shapes of the Bridge van Vorehoven have something distinctively occidental. Also, through the use of concrete and its origins, Brutalism can symbolize a vision of the future of the western world, vision completed here with the oriental elements present in the Kasbah Kosmic clothing & the oriental origins of the casting.


Adding the moon to the pictures added a dimension of transcendence that is crucial to us. As the hope of a better future can be transcending to the present, the presence of the moon brings the same transcendent perspective to the picture itself, emphasizing the fact that the evolutive process is infinite in its essence. Of course, there could be something mystical to this as well.

Sans Drapeaux + Lune position 1.JPEG
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